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   Filling Sealant
Crack Filling Sealant Service

  • 1. Crack Filling Sealant Service.
    Crack Filling Sealants service is offered by us to match up with the rising demands of various industries. These finds its application in various areas like baseboard, crack filling of internal/ external walls, moulding, window and door frames, sliding and trim, pipes, other gaps and opening, vents and corner joints. Our range of services is beneficial for providing variety of advantages like excellent weathering, excellent adhesion on plaster, brick, painted surface, metal, resistance to heat and moisture and prevents air and moisture from passing through the cracks and joints.
    Cracks filling of internal/ external walls

    Window and door frames

    Corner joints





    Sliding and trim

    Other gaps and opening

    Our crack filling sealants services offer various advantages that comprise:
    Excellent adhesion on plaster, brick, painted surface,

    metalPrevents air and moisture from passing through the cracks and joints

    Excellent weathering

    Resistance to heat and moisture


Polysulphide Sealant

  • Polysulphide sealant offered is based on liquid Polysulphide Polymers that help in providing superior adherence to most of basic civil engineering materials including glass, wood, cementitious substrates, aluminum, mild steel and others. Further, its superior finish also makes it useful for sealing of door-window surrounding joints, expansion joints, floor concrete as well as in meeting the demands of wall masonry separation joints. The constitution helps in achieving rubber like material in pourable consistency after mixing base component as well as curing agent in defined proportions.
    Vertical as well as overhead expansion joints suitable for use in commercial, residential building and industrial areas
    Joints suitable for use in subways, flyovers, concrete roads bridges as well as in airport runways

    Helps in providing joints between plastered masonry walls as well as aluminum door/window section sides

    Helps in curing cracks in concrete present in slab

    Also suitable for joints in water retaining structures like aqueducts, dams, water tank, swimming pool, canals, and Reservoirs.

    Suitable for atomic nuclear power station reactor domes

    Suitable for providing joints between pipe lines as well as for providing light joints on roof

    Designed for providing excellent UV resistance after completion of full cure

    Helps in withstanding fully submerged conditions

    Superior chemical and water resistance

    The adhesion provided is compatible to most substrates

    Suitable for storing potable water after getting full cure

    Designed to deliver high thermal flexibility as well as longer service life

    3. Polyurethane Sealant
    Polyurethane Sealant for filling and sealing joints in building construction . It is elastic, weather – resistant, non- sagging , and water tight with excellent adhesion  practically all surfaces. There is no need for a primer . For highly porous substrates . Polyurethane Sealant is a low modulus, one component, Class A polyurethane sealant. When cured it will form a tough, flexible seal capable of cyclic expansion and compression movement of 50 %( +25%) of the original joint width. Polyurethane Sealant is virtually unaffected by normal weathering conditions such as rain, sunlight, snow, sleet, ultra-violet radiation, ozone, atmospheric contamination and pollution. Its excellent weather ability enables it to retain its original properties after years of exposure.
    Area of Application:

    Precast and tilt up panels

    Brick & block work


    Aluminum windows

    Granite, sandstone and marble

    GRC, Fiberglass & Specialty panel systems

    Metal curtain wall

    Water tanks

    Features and Benefits:
    Single pack reduces the application failure from heterogeneity by imperfect mixing.

    Saves the trouble of measuring, mixing and De-bubbling

    Forms a permanent tough elastic rubber seal

    Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates

    Accommodates continuous and pronounced cyclic movements
    Can be over coated

    Resistant to bio-degradation